Our Team

Erika Khoo, Director of Oasis Holistic, is an experienced yoga teacher and has been teaching in Singapore since 1975. It is her dream come true with the birth of Oasis Holistic. Her vision for Oasis Holistic is simple:

“A holistic approach to life can be achieved while promoting an avenue for people to discover peace. A lifestyle for total well-being where people come together to support and share through yoga, healing and love. Healing takes place not only on a physical level but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.”

Timothy Khoo is the proprietor of Oasis Holistic and manager of Oasis Yoga. He organises ongoing events, courses and schedules of Oasis Yoga's faculty of resident and visiting teachers. Timothy is a yoga practitioner, starting from 2002, and aims to manage and maintain the vision of Oasis alongside that of the yoga practice, striving to bring about a conducive learning platform and environment for yoga within an urban city of Singapore.

Oasis Holistic is both his journey and vehicle, for communicating and sharing the learning and awareness the yoga practice brings into our daily living situations and life's lessons.

James Khoo, Principal of Oasis Holistic, is a certified Silva Method Instructor (CSMI) and works with people from all walks of life to enhance the quality of their lifestyles. He conducts workshops & courses for people who want to reduce stress and develop themselves to have the quality of the lifestyle they want, by introducing Stress Management & Relaxation methods with Silva Method's formulae type techniques.

He has more than 20 years of international & commercial sales experience. Hence, his workshops & courses are delivered in real-life scenarios. Additionally, James' volunteered after-care, has counseled many people back to the right directions, to fulfill their newfound path for a better life.