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Mindfulness & Insight: an online meditation course

with Lynne Bousfield

Thursdays: June 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2020

4:00 – 5.00 PM (Singapore GMT +8)
6.00 – 7.00 PM (Australian GMT +10)

(new students please attend all sessions)

Vipassana (Insight) meditation is the development of understanding or “insight” through the cultivation of mindfulness. Mindfulness is observing with clarity. As mindfulness is practiced it brings stillness and composure, reducing the confusion inherent in our typically reactive relationship with life experiences. Building skill in mindfulness reduces judgement and enhances responsiveness, resilience, integrity and discernment. Ultimately, insight meditation develops the art or skill of living intelligently, with compassion.

The course is suitable for those with previous experience in meditation as well as new students. Sessions include periods of instruction and individual guidance as well as silent meditation practise and some opportunity for discussion and questions. The course is structured such that each session builds on the understanding of the previous week.

Venue: online via Zoom

Enquiries/registration: Please email me: lynne@lynnebousfield.com.au

Dana: there is no set or suggested fee for the course, it is offered as Dana. Dana means generosity, the practice of giving without holding back or expecting any return. Giving liberates through the lessening of attachment and the deepening of kindness. Teachers offer teaching as a gift and students offer the gift of support to teachers. Dana therefore is a subtle and sophisticated interchange between student and teacher. It requires sensitivity, intent and awareness (for example of how the responsibility for costs and expenses associated with the provision of teaching is met). Students have an opportunity to nurture their practice of giving by offering financial support rather than pay any set or suggested amount.

About Lynne Bousfield: In 1975 Lynne began practising Insight meditation in BodhGaya, India and continued her study in Burma, when it became possible to undertake long-term practice there in 1980. She has returned to Burma regularly for intensive practice and to develop her understanding of meditation. She played a primary role in establishing Vipassana meditation in Australia in the early 1980’s and was co-founder of the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC). She teaches meditation retreats and courses regularly in Australia and overseas.

Lynne Bousfield has been studying and practising Insight meditation for almost 40 years having commenced in Bodh Gaya, India in 1975. Since 1980 she has returned to Burma regularly to undertake intensive practice and develop her understanding of meditation and Buddhist psychology. She helped establish Vipassana Meditation in Australia and was the co-founder of the Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC) near Sydney. She teaches meditation retreats and courses regularly in Australia and overseas.

Lynne began working as a clinical psychologist in Sydney in 1992 and has developed a unique combination of skills from her meditation and clinical training to assist clients to apply mindfulness to loosen the grip of distressing emotions and transform daily suffering into a happier, engaged life.