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Mother's Day Celebration, Love Workshop, Yoga Philosophy (May 2015)

Oasis yoga dogs doing urdhva mukha svanasana
                                                                                    Artwork by MissyMessy

Happy Mother's Day from Oasis! 
We are extending the celebrations to a week for all the special Mums in our lives here at Oasis. From 4 to 10 May 2015, come with your mother as a pair for as many yoga classes and Mum comes for free! (Mothers or maternal figures are welcome!)

Please register by calling 64422881 or emailing and exclaiming "LOVE MY MUM!" promo code.

We also have in store a Mother's Day Yoga workshop with Erika Khoo.

Have some food for thought with yoga philosophy with Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati, read an article on "Relationship with Mother Nature".

Oasis Yoga


Yoga Workshop

                    with Erika Khoo                    

10 May 2015, Sunday 4pm to 6pm

A Mothers' Day Special

Love Yoga Workshop

From one cell, we join with another to become a part of the visible universe, a human being. A miracle that happens on so many levels.

Love affects the production of hormones by the endocrine glands. Our thoughts, negative or positive, affects our well being.

This workshop will explore the different ways which yoga shapes our state of mind. Allowing the experience of yoga to affect our emotions and being.

Fees: $35.00 (Come with Mom! Mothers come for free!)

Registration: Please call 64422881 or email

Erika Khoo has been practicing yoga since 1972 and has been teaching since 1975. Her first teacher was Mr. Eradi who is a disciple of Vishudevananda from India. Since then she has obtained a diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga. Thereafter she obtained her advanced teaching diploma in Sivananda Yoga. She started classes with Peter Thomson in 2002 and thereafter obtained Iyengar certification in 2011. Erika is the director of Oasis Holistic. Yoga is her life and that is where her practice and teaching comes from.